In today’s volatile market environment, some companies have reported a loss in revenue due to the intense competition for shrinking pie. The price comparison is also rampant.

The success of the company depends on structured and efficient framework in order to forge ahead amidst stiff competition.
When it comes to dealing with the competition, the company can forget about your business strategies if they aren’t able to implement them ahead of the competition.

Sun-Tze once said, “Know yourself and your enemy and you will win in battles”

There is one proven formula; applying PASSION if you want to stay in the game for the long haul


Like a scoop of well-made ice cream, good writing easily slides down one's throat, sweetens the senses, and convicts one emotionally about an idea, a person, a product or a company. On the other hand, bad writing is like a stale piece of cheese - its odour is so repulsive that one prefers to stay away from it with a 10 metre pole!

What are some of the tricks behind compelling marketing writing? Here are 10 tips to begin you with.

1) Know who you are writing for
As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. A sales letter going out to Fortune 500 CEOs will need to be pitched quite differently from an advertisement targeting 15 year old K-pop loving girls.

Its time you make a move and leap from the traditional 4P’s of marketing to 4C’s of digital, e-Marketing as the new world calls it. Do you know that every year about 80% of the new products which hit the market, actually fail. Why does this happen? This is because there is a flaw in the mindset. The 4P’s of marketing have become stale and totally outdated and its time you replace them with the 4C’s to help make your business successful on a global scale and in its niche industry.

The new 4C’s of digital marketing, namely creating, curation, connecting and culture will take your business to a level next. Out there in the industry, it is understood that products can’t be just developed and sold to a mass market. There has to be market study and then a product or service that attracts the consumer’s wants and needs be created. Although you might have the product the consumers want but you need to create it into something that they cannot do without.